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Privacy policy

The safest way to keep your personal data safe and sound is to not collect or to store them at all. That's the reason why my website does not collect any data, the exception is the bare technical information your browser is sending to the server(s) in order to navigate through the internet. This includes the following data:

  • your IP address
  • the timestamp when your browser fetches a web page from mailmindr
  • the URL of each of these pages
  • the browser version of your webbrowser

Why may the data be collected?

Your IP address is required to let the server know where to send its response to, so your browser is able to receive and display the data. To let the server know, what your browser has requested, it sends an URL to the server. Since every browser has a slighhtly different behaviour and to give the server (and the software running on it) a chance to optimize the requested data for your browser, the browser version is reported to the server. So if you're working on a smartphone, the server is able to maybe compress the data or to optimize the views for a small screen.

In case of errors it's mandatory to not only know what data was requested by your browser, but also when. That's why there's a timestamp recorded for each request, alsong if this request was successful or not.

Third Party Inclusion

This page is running on GitHub pages, visit GitHub's Global Privacy Practices on their statement on privacy. GitHub may collect all or some of the data listed under "pricavy policy" on this page to keep their service functional.